Web Design Portfolio

The following are some samples of some of my web design and web developer work from over the years. Always be sure to check back for new samples of my latest work.

Web Design

I am currently a web designer and front-end web developer for Stahls’/GroupeSTAHL and some of their subsidiaries. I work on the main Stahls’ website, along with Great Dane Graphics, and a few of the various brands blogs: Stahls’ blog, Ted Stahl’s blog, Great Dane Graphics blog, with more to come.

The links below are to live websites that still feature some of the work that I did on them for former employers.

Freelance Work

The screenshots below show website designs that I did but were never put into production for one reason or another. Also included are websites that I worked on but no longer exist, or exist in the form when1 I worked on them.

Email Blasts:

Designs for just a few of the many HTML emails that I have designed and coded.