New GHOST IN THE SHELL Live-Action Movie Teaser; First Trailer Coming Nov. 13th!


Today Paramount released a new teaser for their Ghost in the Shell live-action movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Although I’m still very apprehensive of this movie, with the Ghost in the Shell anime being some of my favorite series to watch, I have to say this little teaser does look promising. If you have seen the original Ghost in the Shell anime movie, then this scene looks like it was ripped right from it. Paramount will be releasing the first trailer on Sunday, November 13.

Though this scene is from the first movie, which involves the Puppetmaster, the film will be focused on Hideo Kuze, who is part of the “Individual Eleven” terrorist group, fighting against Japan taking in refugees and foreigners. Which coincidently is something that mirrors some of the global issues found in the news currently.

Ghost in the Shell is due in theaters March 31, 2017.

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