Medicos Unveils Super Articulated Statue Baoh Limited Edition Figure

One of the first anime OVA’s that I saw as a kid was Baoh. This was my first real introduction to the world of anime outside what was just chopped up and regurgitated Robotech/Macross and Voltron for American television.

So when I saw that Medicos was going to be releasing a new figure based on Baoh, my eyes became huge with joy. The version of the character here appears to be based on his appearance in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle video game.

The Super Articulated Statue Baoh Limited Edition figure comes with an interchangeable face plate, four sets of interchangeable left and right hands, plus a couple of effect parts. It is priced at ¥7,408 (about $66 USD) and is expected to be released February 2017.

Sadly, here’s the bad news. It looks like this will be a limited run of a 1000 and a lottery is being held to acquire the ability to pre-order one of 500. Details are still a little confusing; if there will be a non-limited edition of the figure available is uncertain.

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