HEROCROSS Hybrid Metal Figuration (HMF) Series BvS: Dawn of Justice Batman Action Figure

Finally, someone presented a Dawn of Justice Batman in a different way. HEROCROSS has announced a new Hybrid Metal Figuration action figure in the form of HMF #033 Batman.

What makes this one so cool is not only is it Batman in his regular costume from the movie, but it also features attachable pieces to create the Armored Batman too! The figure comes with a lot of accessories, though most are to create the armor, there are some traditional Batman weapons too. The cape is made from cloth and features a wire in it for displaying The Dark Knight in dramatic fashion.

It is priced at 738 HK Dollar, about $95 USD. It comes with a Bat-Signal free with your order. Batman will be joining HMF #034 Superman and HMF #035 Wonder Woman soon.

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