Campy Creatures Is Here!


Finally! It feels like it has been forever — it really hasn’t it’s just been hard to contain my excitement over the latest game from Keymaster Games is all. To be honest, Keymaster Games turned this around very quickly too. The Kickstarter was fully funded in early March and is now shipping to backers. That’s less than six months &mash; a job well done considering many take much longer.

Campy Creatures brings together all those famous monsters from the classic horror movies and puts them into a fun game of strategy for 2 to 5 players. Which monsters will you be? Who will be the reigning monster? The Swamp Creature? The Vampire? The Beast? Or will it be The Vampire?

With quick gameplay, this game is sure to be found in many gaming collections. I’m already itching to play and look forward to seeing everyone else become addicted to it too.

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