The Atlas Obscura 2018 Wall Calendar — A Graphical Thing of Beauty


While out and about yesterday with my wife, we stopped by a 2nd & Charles store. While there I was browsing the calendars display. There were a couple that caught my eye after my wife pointed out the Marvel Comics ones, but the one that stood out the most was the Atlas Obscura 2018 Wall Calendar. I knew I had to have it.

As it states on the cover image, the calendar is based on the popular travel book of the same name.

Invisible Creature

The Atlas Obscura wall calendar features some truly gorgeous artwork by Invisible Creature. I’m sure many are familiar with their work, either by already being a fan of them or just not knowing it but having seen their work — considering Target is one of their clients probably hard not to.

Travel In Style

Each month of the calendar takes you to another exotic location around the world featuring some amazing artwork. Done in a graphical style that makes for a unique piece of art for display. When it comes to vector art, this is probably one of my favorite styles and Invisible Creature does an amazing job as usual.

Check out a sampling of the calendar below and if you are interested, pick one here!

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