A Proud and Encouraging Moment, A Project 20 Years In The Making Becoming A Reality, The Resistants


the-resistants-zero-issue-preview-bookToday I received some copies of a comic book that I am working on, The Resistants. This has been a project 20 years in the making. Well, we started the project 20 years ago, then things went in different directions for us. Now this year it is set to return and I couldn’t be happier.

A Labor of Love

The copies I received today make me proud to still be involved in this project. The books are more of a “preview” than a finished copy (not the final art). There is still coloring to do (what you see for the cover colors are placeholders) and some final tweaks here and there to the art. But it is so very close to becoming a finished product.

Things will soon be finalized with the first issue of The Resistants series and heading off to the printer. I will be sure to let everyone know about that. I’m excited for you all to see this come to life finally and get it into your hands!

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